Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What's happening so far ....

Hi everyone .... this has been a very busy second week!!  We have appointments most all day everyday.  I have had or will have every test you could possibly think of!  They check EVERYTHING!!

I had a scare yesterday.  Jeff and I attended a 90 minute class so we turned our phones off.  When the class was over, I had three missed calls and a voicemail from my doctor and Jeff had one.  I was SOOOO nervous to call her back.  It reminded me of when the transplant was cancelled back in August ... I received a call from the doctor that he had important information he needed to talk to me about.  Yesterday's news was quite a bit different!!

Yesterday my doctor told me something that stopped me in my tracks!  She said after reviewing my CT Scan, they saw a wire in my heart.  What???  I couldn't even process what she said at first.   Their best guess is that it is the guide wire from the central line or port I've had inserted in my chest.  The wire is approximately 10 cms long.  I had to go to the University of Washington hospital this morning to the Radiology Dept.  Again I feel God was definitely with me! Their advice .... leave it alone.  The wire has been in since May 2011, maybe even March 2011.  It actually goes into the vein and then curves out and appears to be resting in the fatty layer around my heart.  The radiologist felt that it would be difficult to remove now because it has been there so long.  Fortunately I am having no problems and my EKGs are normal.  Tomorrow I have an echocardiogram scheduled.

Besides the wire incident, the results I've gotten back on other tests have been good.  The great news is that my bone marrow biopsy and lumbar puncture came back clean!!  We have a meeting tomorrow to discuss the protocol for the transplant.  Please pray that the Seattle doctors are given the knowledge to know what to do and how to proceed.  It seems we are really working towards a transplant date but I want to know that the medical team is completely sure everything has been checked and corrected if need be.

Seattle is definitely the place to be for a transplant, I just want to make sure we a following God's plan.  

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