Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Day 11

Hi everyone ...... this is Tammy.  I just wanted  to send a message to say hi and let you know that things are going fine, I guess!!  My doctor keeps telling me I look great.    I've never been more exhausted in my entire life! Everything difficult thing you've ever heard about a transplant ......it's true!!  I have NO energy .... not even enough to talk!  That says a lots!

I have a great support team and want to thank all of you.  I love hearing from all of you whether it is an email, text or a card, I look forward to getting them all!!  I read the cards and then we hang them in my room to brighten it.

Last night I was up all night "self diuresing" (urinating)??  The doctor was shocked this morning, my output last night was over 7 liters. He said he's seen that only one time before since being at this hospital.   Supposedly that's a good sign, my body does not feel the need to hold on to the extra fluid.   Needless to say we didn't get much sleep last night and it has put a damper on making any progress today.  Jeff has been great about doing everything!!  He had plans to go do laundry but chose to stay here with me since I feel poopy today.

I can't explain how important the role of a caregiver is.  I know I have many and am thankful for each of you.  My main caregiver right now is Jeff who has spent many of his nights standing in the the bathroom with me.  However Alecia & Ashley know exactly what that's like too.  My platelets are so low that an alarm has to be set on my bed so I don't get up alone and take the chance of falling. Tony got out of "bathroom duty" but has been very helpful with my with phys therapy, everyone is so wonderful!!
I've never been a huge fan for the Bet Midler song  "Wind Beneath my Wings" but it keeps coming to my mind everytime I REALIZE what a caregiver has to do do!! EVERYTHING!! Some of those things aren't that pleasant!!

Did you ever know that you're my hero?
You're everything I wish I could be
I could fly higher than an eagle
For you are the wind beneath my wings

A caregiver is literally my legs, arms, everything to me right now. 

Just wanted to say hi ..... love you all!!  Please remember me in your prayers that engraftment will start soon and my numbers will start coming back!!  With an umbilical cord transplant, it takes longer for my numbers to start recovery so WE (me AND my caregivers) need prayer that God will give us strength to get through this.

God bless you all!!

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  1. Tammy and company! I am reading all of this and thinking and praying for all of you... but especially you Tammy! You are so strong, and I am so inspired by you! I want you to know that we are working really hard here. We have added 1,100 and counting people to the NMDP, so hopefully we are fighting that no one else has to work so hard to find a donor like you did! We love you so much and are praying for engraftment and a rise in all of your counts.