Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update from 2/21/12, from Ash

Hey guys, it's Ashley. We just wanted to give you all a quick update. It's four days post transplant and overall she is doing pretty good--although, she's been in a fair amount of pain (in her legs and arms) and the doctors are still trying to figure out the right pain med combo to help minimize this. Hopefully they will find the right concoction soon!!

Right now, it's a bit difficult for her to eat because her saliva production is down making it hard for her to break down solid foods and she's also fairly nauseous at times. Also, absolutely nothing sounds good to her...especially not hospital food! However, we've figured out some "go-to" items that she is able to tolerate, but the nutritionist would still like her to be consuming a bit more. She also has a rash on the trunk of her body (most likely a drug reaction) that's being treated with steroid creams. Overall though, her doctors seem pleased with her progress!

Thanks for all your prayers, please keep them up and pray the cells engraft as she continues down the road to recovery!!

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