Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Back from Seattle

Good morning .... we've been back from Seattle for over a week and I wanted to update you on what's going on for now.  I visited my Omaha Oncologist on Monday and the game plan is to start my 4th round of consolidation chemo on Monday (9/26).
We've been wondering if I should consider visiting a "leukemia specialist" in Omaha so we addressed this with Dr. Shah.  He explained that Seattle is the ELITE and the treatment plan we are on was the plan of the Seattle experts.  That made us feel better.  So I start chemo on Monday while the donor search continues.  I don't really understand the complexity of matching the HLA however I do know that I continually mismatch in two different spots.  Alecia found a private company that types so she, Ashley and my cousin, Jim are being typed in those two crucial spots.  If a donor is not found .... for shame .... I did not just say that!!  BUT, let me just say there are clinical trials leukemia patients can take part in but that would be after all other treatments have been exhausted.
During the previous chemo rounds, we've found that the pre-nausea medication was the culprit of the severe rashes.  So they gone back to the "old school" treatment for me.  Please pray the doctors have come up with the right concoction and that it will work.  Getting sick after chemo is not fun!!
I feel good and am excited to decorate for fall!!   I know that I will be just fine so I need your prayers so we will know to follow God's plan.  Hopefully the "cure" is right around the corner unless God performed a miracle!!  :-)
Love to you all and God bless!!

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