Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seattle's Right Around the Corner

Hi everyone!

Today is Thursday, Jeff and I leave on Monday, 1/23, for Seattle!!  I cannot tell you how excited I am!!  I really hope I can get the cord blood transplant...we will not know for sure until I actually get to Seattle and more testing is done.

It is in God's hands and I'm just along for the ride!!  :-)  God willing, I hope the transplant is a success and I can start helping others.  Today was so rewarding for me because Ashley, Jeff and I helped at a local bone marrow drive and I was asked to "say a few words."  There ARE NOT words to express how this experience touched me.  I was expressing the need for bone marrow donors...not for me but to help other people like me!!  According to my plan, and hopefully God's, this was only the beginning! 

Please keep my family in your prayers.  I am hopeful 2012 will be our year to reach out to others in need like so many of you have helped me.

God bless you, I love you all!!

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