Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just saying hi...

Hi…it's been several days since I've updated my journal, but only because I really don't have any “new” news.

It seems that until I get my transplant I will continue my current cycle of having chemo and then subsequently building my counts back up only to then have chemo again. This is to keep the leukemia cells away. When having chemo, I have it for a week. I go in on Monday, Wednesday and Friday TWICE a day!! Then for the next three to four weeks my body fights to recover all my blood counts. I have a doctor's appointment every Monday and usually go in Wednesday and Friday for blood counts to make sure they are going in the right direction. Sometimes I can tell my counts are really low because I am really weak and/or dizzy which means an additional trip to the doctor (I almost said vet…chemo brain) and usually some units of blood or platelets.

My first round of chemo was in-patient and now I’ve had two rounds of consolidation chemo (out-patient). Yesterday the doctor said he can only give me four rounds otherwise it can really damage my organs. That means a "solution" needs to be found soon. I would prefer a bone marrow transplant (with a good match), but Dr. Shah said if that search is exhausted there are experimental procedures we could possibly be use. This is where your prayers are so very important!! I’ve been praying for a donor, but maybe God wants me to show everyone the success of an experimental procedure!! It’s in his hands!

I feel the need to share info about bone marrow donation. This procedure is something that might inconvenience you, but you will fully recover. The best part is that you’ve potentially saved someone’s life. I realize I’m 51, but I still feel I have a lot to accomplish in life so a donor or some procedure has to be found soon. If you sign up to be a donor, it may not help me, but there are many others waiting for transplants. Strangely enough, my niece's young son has a rare disease and will also require a bone marrow transplant (in a few years). That is why acting now and not putting this on your list of things to do is so important. You can find more information about becoming a donor at

I truly mean it when I say I know I will make it through all this!! AND I will be there to help you all, should you need it!!! I can't give you my bone marrow or organs, but will help any way I can!!!

We’re all one big family and need to watch over each other!!

Love to you all!!

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