Friday, May 20, 2011

1 Week Post Consolidation Chemo

Hi all .... just checking in.  This hasn't been one of my better weeks.  I had chemo last week so my blood count is down.  I will continue to get weaker until my counts start to come back up.  There are more babysteps than I realized!  I have been in for a blood count every day this week.  My platelets should be in the 150,000 range, this morning mine was 3000!  That was after having platelets yesterday.  I had more platelets today so hopefully they will start to regrow. 

Another problem that I've been having is that my port is in an unusual position therefore they have to stick me several times before they get the needle into the port.  So for the smaller blood tests, they have been using my arm and today the nurse told me my vein blew!   YUCK!!!!  Don't tell me stuff like this.  I am a very strong person but I don't like to hear about veins, blood or needles!!

Otherwise I am doing great!!!  I want to thank all of my friends that stayed with me last week and plan to next week.  You can see by my platelet count, I need you here!!  Plus I like to talk!!  :-)

Also I want to thank you all for the inspirational messages you leave on Caring Bridge!  When I am house bound, Jeff and I run out of things to talk about!  Not really... I just like hearing from you!!

One more thank you and I'm done for now!!  Actually two!  Because of my finances, there are many people working on organizing a benefit and donation drive for me.  I can not tell you how much this means to me!!  Every time I'm notified that a donation has been made to the Tammy Muth Fund, I cry.  You are all sooooo wonderful and I can not wait until I can help you some day!  I pray that it will not be your health; I will be there for anything. I love you all!!!

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